Custom Solutions

Have an idea for a web or mobile project? We can help, and we have plenty of happy customers to show for it.

Custom Hosting

We don't stuff you on a server with 100s of others - we can provide a dedicated server, or a shared server, but we never have more than 5 to a shared server, and sometimes even less.

Commercial Products

Not only can we bring your project to life, but we've brought a few of our own to market.

We Specialize in Helping You Understand the Tech-Talk

We hear it time and time again from our new clients - their old provider expected them to understand how all this works. You aren't in the business of software and hosting - and it's our job to shield you from those technicalities.

Web Applications

Our specialty. We use the most modern tools and technologies to make your web application cutting edge. Why is that important? Because the web moves fast - and you only have a matter of seconds to make your first impression good.

Mobile Apps

We love mobile apps. So do the 11 billion mobile devices on earth. Chances are, there are many in your target audience that do most (if not all) of their browsing and shopping on their mobile device. Are you leaving money on the table by not having a native mobile app? We think so.


Don't want to purchase and maintain your own servers? Good idea - that's where the industry is moving. Not only can you get online faster, but you don't have all the hidden costs of maintaining your own hardware. It also means we can upgrade your servers in minutes, not days.

Who Are We? What Can We Do?

We are a small group of developers spread across the US. We listen, we discuss, we advise and develop. We love to use the latest technologies.


We love Microsoft products, and this is their flagship development product. Not only is it open source, but its also already on your server. And if .NET can power some of the largest and most well known applications in the world, then it's what we want for our clients.

HTML5 and TypeScript

Your PC uses it. Your Mac uses it. Your cell phone uses it. And that's why we use it - because it runs everywhere. It's also future-proof, and it's not going away. HTML5 is doing things we never dreamed of years ago, and you should be using that power to your advantage.


Say what you want, but you don't buy a car based on what quality of metal they used in the transmission. You buy it for it's power windows. The features and looks are what catch your attention and brings you in, then the drive seals the deal. If your app doesn't look good, people won't even give it a chance. Our apps look good - we have have UX specialists on staff that make apps usable.


Unless you are writing a mobile game then chances are you don't need a "native" mobile app. Why? Because we just don't believe there is much advantage to writing your mobile app for iOS, and then Android. Double the amount for your mobile app. That's why we use Ionic - it allows us to write your mobile app once, and have it run on the both platforms, at near native speed.

A Few of our Projects

Most of our work is owned by our customers so we can't show you everything, but there are some we can.



A start to finish inventory and order tracking solution. This is an in-house product that we developed to target the mid-sized company who has outgrown simple spreadsheets and starter applications. To start your free 30 day evaluation, click here.


Fundraising System

This fundraising system was designed for non-profit organizations who needed an easy to use, visual pleasing web based application to handle pledge entry. Since they mainly use volunteers, they wanted a User Experience that didn't require lots of training.


Web to Print

We developed a web-to-print solution for a local state-of-the-art printing company that needed start to finish handling of dynamic orders. As orders were placed, our system dynamically created print-ready PDF files for each order by automating Adobe InDesign and integrating each step of the process - from creation to shipping.

ECommerce Engine

E-Commerce Engine

We've done many e-commerce projects, but this is one of the most powerful. It is powered by our own DNgine e-commerce solution. If you need an enterprise level e-commerce solution, then be sure to give it a spin.

Self-Service Website

Self Maintainable Site

We have an in-house CMS (content management system) that allows you to maintain much of your website yourself - no more having to open a ticket and wait in line for a small change. With very little training, we can get you adding new articles, uploading photo galleries, and making visual tweaks all on your own.

You App!

Your Project Goes Here!

We specialize in niche and custom solutions. If that is what you need, then let us show you what we can offer.


You aren't in the business of hosting - so why are you trying to be one?
Too many companies try to do their own hosting to save a bit of money, but after you factor in all the hidden costs and security risks, it's much more efficient to host with us.

  • Basic

    $29.95 per month
    • Web Hosting
    • Offsite Backups
    • CMS Tools Included
    • 5gb Storage
    • Email addresses for $5/each
    • 24 Hour Email Support
  • Standard

    $59.99 per month
    • Web Hosting
    • Offsite Backups
    • CMS Tools Included
    • 20gb Storage
    • Up to 5 Email Addresses
    • 24 Hour Email Support
  • Premium

    $99.99 per month
    • Web Hosting
    • Offsite Backups
    • CMS Tools Included
    • 100gb Storage
    • Up to 25 Email Addresses
    • 24 Hour Email Support

We handle everything concerning the server - including helping you get your site setup, help setting up your domain (like with GoDaddy), DNS routing, offsite backups, SQL Server setup, etc.

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